When Interior Design Puts Lipstick on a Pig

I recently attended the Sensors Conference at the Donald E. Stephens convention center in Rosemont, Illinois.The convention center is located on the east side of River Rd., and the parking garage on the other.  They are connected by a sky bridge that comes in handy, especially in the winter.

At one point along the walkway I stopped in wonder and snapped the following two pics.

It’s not the wonderful vista of skylights and rusting air-handlers.  It’s the wall murals over the windows.


Rows of windows looking out over a roof, and murals over each.  Distraction? Accent? Lipstick…?

The ‘Traditio’ Touchscreen/Clock Thermostat

Introducing the Traditio touchscreen thermostat.  It is easier to manufacture (square touchscreen vs. round)  but functions in an almost identical manner to the Sol Invictus.

Instead of the temperature moving across the screen, the number moves around the face as time passes. The inner circle is AM, the outer circle is PM.  Tapping a number once positively increments the digit by one. Tapping it twice decreases the value by one.  Holding a finger on the screen accesses programming mode where heating/cooling mode and time dependant temperatures can be set as with the Sol Invictus.